Bethlehem PA! We will be back at the Levitt Pavilion Steel Stacks on Sunday July 11th!
This is a FREE, ALL AGES EVENT! Showtime is 6 PM!
Brought to you by Levitt Pavilion Steel Stacks in association with Movement Moves Media and Solid Ground Ent.


We all tend to just feel better and stay on a higher vibration in the summer, being from the North East winter can get pretty grim. In some ways we are all Waiting for Summer..

We wanted to release a song that gives everybody that summer feel a little early!”

We are staying on that vibe all year round!

Listen to Waiting for Summer HERE 

Our first new single since "Electric Lemonade"!

"Sunrays No Shade" is available everywhere Now! 

Produced by: Rob the Viking

We invite you too "Live Free" and look to the bright side.

Listen HERE

Rebel Hippies Community

All around globe, we have met and connected with like-minded, free-thinking, beautiful people.

We follow a simple way of life,

Be Kind, Be Fair, Feed your head and Share

Be You, Have Fun.

Break Rules and Spread Love!

Rebel Hippies Community is a 100% organic and grass roots family.

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This album is a collection of songs we wrote during two years of touring.
We have so many memories together already, it's really a trip that we are just getting started and ready to release an album.
There is an old saying, if you get lemons make lemonade.
We’ve been dealt a lot of lemons! No matter what you're faced with you gotta make the best of every situation.
We took that attitude and put some electric in it.
We wanted to just go in and make music without any restraints or limitations. Just create whatever felt right.
Our only real goal was to be honest, have fun and make a positive record that we felt was timeless.
Its been along time coming and feels good to finally see our vision come to life. This project represents growth for us.
We have grown as artists and more importantly, as people. We feel this album is a new beginning and the start to our journey.
We had the time of our lives making the record and think above all, that's what comes through in the music.
We make Rebel Hippies music, think for ourselves, BREAK RULES & SPREAD LOVE!

Electric Lemonade is Out Now! Get your physicals HERE

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